Design: Nick Lake
Installation: Earth Ecology: Nick Lake, Kyle Schwartz, Tashana Mithen, Grant Cameron, Tommy Brown, Daniel Newman.
Est. 2021

  • Crevice Garden Feature
  • Edible and native plants
  • Multiple portals / archways
  • Fire Pit
  • Overhangs / Pergolas
  • Hot Tub
  • Mulched Pathways
We met Jeffrey Weissler from Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar fortuitously while working at another job. We clicked quick, and have enjoyed many inspired collaborations along the way. The garden is hosted at Jeff & Megan’s home, and functions as an event space for the wine shop, where one can enjoy some wizardly wine pairings of organic and natural wines, thanks to Jeffrey’s fun expertice and passion. 
Check out the shop and buy your wine from these very good people!

 OR LCB #9872; WA# Earthel843J2