EARTH ECOLOGY was founded in January 2016 by Nick Lake, in order to support the community of earth stewards in the Pacific Northwest and the broader West Coast. Rooted deeply in reverence and respect for the planet, Earth Ecology is a creative outlet for those seeking a harmonious, inspirational, inquisitive, and informed collaboration with the Earth.

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We create thriving, adaptive ecosystems tolerant of drought, flood, and negligence.
EARTH ECOLOGY emphasize deep time and deep ecology principles, aimed at creating wealth and abundance for generations to come. 
We utilize whole systems design methods, always working with Nature.
Our practices are influenced by the sustainable & regenerative methodologies of Water Cycle Restoration, Regenerative Agroforestry, and Permaculture. 
We emphasize observation, diversity, aesthetics, and longevity. 
ransforming homeowners into land stewards, transitioning humanity from a culture of consumption to a culture of production.

Together we can craft a culture with the resilience to adapt with and honor our dynamically changing home, Planet Earth

Our consultations & coaching will guide and facilitate the expression of your ideal landscape by clarifying your goals and encouraging your dreams and visions of a connected, complex, active, & engaged life of earth stewardship.
Our intent, vision, and receptivity allow us to craft designs that are customized to fit your context, and also fit  nature’s needs. Our holistic approach emphasizes artistic, productive, responsible, beautiful, and inspiring, fun garden ecosystems.
We are passionately devoted to our work, and our installations inevitably become works of art. We maintain rigorous standards of quality to create successful restoration installations.

Embracing Complexity, Connecting with Nature, Investing in EARTH



About The Team:

Nick Lake:

Founder of Earth Ecology, Lead Designer, & Project Manager
I identify most as an interdisciplinary artist. I love creating immersive, interactive, sculptural installations, and that love evolved to include the craft of building biological, ecologically regenerative "sculptures" that might otherwise be called farms and gardens. I’m get quite exuberent when it comes to ecology, botany, water, biology, and the future at large. I tend to view the world at a 2000 year time scale. I love cultivating relationships with new plants in their native habitats. I’m a self-proclaimed Oak devotee. 
Born and raised in San Diego, CA, I have been traversing the entire West Coast my whole life, studying the diverse ecosystems, and the effects of climate and water on the broader environment. 
Adjacaent to garden craft, I regularly practice painting, music making, sculpture, mask carving, website design, graphic design, and life design with my wife Emily and our son Aiden. 
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Tashana Mithen:

Passion for local and regenerative food systems. Dedicated to sharing therapeutic benefits of reconnecting to the natural world that we are deeply a part of. I love this work bc we really do get to change peoples lives and how they interact with the world around them. My favorite jobs have been for families with young kids because you can see first hand how having access to a fun and engaging outdoor environment will undoubtedly shape their lives and the future of this world. 

Tommy Brown:

Growing up between the deserts of the SW and the forests of the Midwest, I cultivated an early love of all manner of flora and fauna. After moving out to Portland in 2016 with my husband and kitty, I confirmed that notion building software for nurseries and trailbuilding. Fortunately for me, I've landed with the team of EE hustling, planting, and crafting. In my free time you may catch me on a bike ride, enjoying all the wonderful natural areas of the West Coast, or gnoshing on a smash burger. 

Grant Cameron:

I am a native Oregonian and passionate about preserving our many native woodlands, plants, and animal species. I have great hope that people can truly coexist and thrive alongside Mother Nature as the first peoples of these lands once did and still do today. Earth Ecology gives people the chance to create, restore and participate in this sort of connection. I am so thrilled to be able to actively take part in creating new habitat, food sources and beneficial ecosystems around our communities!

Daniel Newman:

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I’m totally in love with my natural surroundings. From the coast and its mountain ranges to the high deserts and their amazing stones and minerals, along with the abundant wildlife in the region, my heart is pretty full. I’ve been a craft folk all my life, collecting different trades along the way. From construction, furniture, natural building, metal fabrication, to land master planning with water harvesting landscapes, and perennial food systems. I love bringing natural beauty into our daily lives and celebrating the chance to create at every turn. I’ruly grateful to be part of the Earth Ecology dream team and to be able to bring your dreams and visions alive. Hope to be seeing you all outdoors some day.

 OR LCB #9872; WA# Earthel843J2